• Marisol

Therapy is Not Only For Mental Health Patients

I remember lying to the medical assistant every time she asked me "ever been suicidal?" and those questions that have to be updated on our medical profile. I would hesitate and blink with a nod. But it was a time when I arrived at my medical appointment and I started crying trying to hold it back feeling that knot in my throat. I was so overwhelmed. I didn't even know how to start talking to my provider. She told me I was going to be fine and sent in a referral to see a psychologist for therapy.

I am walking to my very first day into therapy. I sat down on this comfy big sofa. Almost like in the movies except I didn't lay down. I really enjoyed my first session. I had no clue what to expect. I wasn't completely honest with the questions I had to answer. So I wasn't diagnosed properly. I kept going to therapy a couple of times until I got the news the therapist I was seeing moved for an internship to another state. I was bummed, to be honest. Therefore, I was sent to another facility to see new therapists. I didn't connect with any of them so I never booked an ongoing therapy session. So no therapy for about three years.

Until the end of 2019. I met my new therapist.

Driving to my first therapy in three years was emotional for me yet discomfited and shameful. I arrived not knowing where to start asking for the help I needed. I did make sure I was one hundred percent honest this time. Which I was.

I am beyond thankful!

I am thankful that I was honest and finally decided to ask for professional help. My therapist helped me with my diagnosis of having bipolar disorder. I was so relieved yet heart-rending. I know bipolar isn't curable but manageable. Therapy has been a great help for my coping mechanisms.

Therefore, if you are having doubts about going to see a therapist. I encourage you to. It doesn't mean you're mentally ill. You can still have a therapy session to figure out any problem you may have encountered -- you are human and you are not alone.


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