• Marisol

Close Your Eyes and Imagine Yourself in Ten Years

Out with the old, in with the new...

Who am I and what do I want to accomplish? I am twenty-four years of age. I am a virgo, and ninety-nine percent vegetarian/pescatarian. Why 99% ? because I occasionally enjoy some poultry. And I eat fish occasionally as well. I enjoy reading, cooking, and gardening. I recently discovered that gardening has tremendously helped me cope with my bipolar disorder.

My educational background has been a bumpy road. I have an extraordinary advisor. She has encouraged me to keep trying at school despite that she has seen me fail so many times. I plan to attend college again this school year 2020. My previous goals when I first started college I wrote a letter to myself addressing that by the age of twenty-five I would be attending or applying to medical school. I am not even close to that goal. But I am a few steps close and as long as I keep trying it is another step closer. My educational goals right now have changed to pursing a bachelors with a major in psychology and a minor in legal studies. I do believe I want a to go into some sort of graduate school.

So in ten years I will be thirty-four years of age. I imagine myself with a career and living with a husband and children. Having pets of different species. I fantasize about what the future holds for me but I try not to go too ahead of myself. That is my new mindset out with the old and in with the new to live in the present and keep the future as an inspiration.

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