• Marisol

Ever Feel Like a Failure?

Hello my blog will consist of my mental health progress. My mental health adventure beginning and some tips of how I am coping with my diagnoses.

Why is one's state of mind so important? Emotions persuade us in our daily lives. Depending on our mood we make decisions every single day. Have you ever felt confused on how you should feel about a certain situation? If so, then that is how I explain my feeling on a daily basis. I became aware of my mental issues because I was in a cycle of being depressed, so uninterested in life. Then came my manic episodes where I felt so great. In those episodes I became so productive. After many cycles of the "ups and downs" I became bitter and angry at myself. I asked myself, "why am I a failure? I have so many goals." After becoming aware that my mental state of mind was in despair I knew I needed help because I didn't want to keep feeling like a failure.

I have bipolar disorder but I am not a failure.


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