• Marisol

A Note: To My Adviser

The very first time I met her. I thought to myself, her smile is so contagious.

I sure hope there are more people like her. She encourages me to glance one more time into the realm of how it's okay to keep trying even after I am drained. It's okay to rest but never to quit. She has made days for me worthwhile - she makes a difference in people's lives. Yes, that is her job but she has a compassionate heart and such encouragement. She is a leader in encouraging me to take every step forward despite all of my failures. After all the times I have failed she reaches out or receives me with the same lively person she is and looks on the bright side.

Thank you for all you do and all that you are. I am fulfilled to be empowered by you!

Photography: Wix media, Victor Garcia


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